The bloom

A loving heart is like a blooming flower….
It goes through all the ups and downs just like the journey of a bud to a bloomed flower!!!!


What is love?!

Love can be the nectar
Love can be the poison
Love can be a flower
Love can be a thorn
It can be calm
It can be cruel
It can give you happiness
It can deliver you sorrows
Love is a sweet and intense feeling suffering with a multipolar disorder!!!


Life is about movingon…..
Life is about following your heart….
Life is about forgetting the past nd to raise a toast on your present…..
But is movingon easy?? I mean really….is it easy?!
I wonder…
For me it is the most difficult job on this earth. Memories never fade away.. Only tears stopped! Those days will never come bck.. But i will cherish them forever. There is no more love but yeah a fountain of anger persists which never lets me leave the past, the pain, the tears, the sorrows.
Hw do people moveon…?? Hw do people swap themselves so quickly into an othr thing or person..? God knows! Still my trials to move on vl b going… Mayb one day i really will!